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Tree Surgery in Confined Spaces: tree work and arboricultural business

photo 4 (2)Tree surgery is the treatment of a tree that requires pruning or bracing the branches, usually to a damaged or diseased tree. Tree surgery is also referred to as Arboriculture. A tree surgeon is called an arborist. It is the study, cultivation, and management of individual trees, vines, shrubs, and other perennial plants.
There are three main steps followed by tree surgeons when removing trees in confined spaces which include:

Prepare: The hazards are identified and the risks are assessed; suitable controls are then implemented. The method of extraction is planned. The specific machinery, tools, and other equipment are then chosen, prepared, and checked to comply according to the manufacturer recommendations. Tree surgery in confined spaces is a more extensive process. Signage or warning devices are placed where determined necessary.

Start dismantling of the tree: Trees that are wind thrown, suspended, or damaged trees are stabilized, in order to keep the trunk from moving and to ensure efficiency and safety. Calculations must be done by the tree surgeon to determine the mass of the tree. Dismantling techniques are employed.

Complete removal of tree: Trunks that have fallen are trimmed in order to lengths to ensure they are able to be safely maneuvered by the tree surgeon without injury. Materials are removed safely and efficiently.
Techniques Used to Perform Tree Surgery

Determining which method to use to perform tree surgery in an area in which there are preserved or restricting areas close is an essential element in order to keep the nearby environment safe.

Mobile Crane – Sectional Felling

A mobile crane is a fastest, safest, and easiest technique to use when performing tree surgery. This technique requires communication between the crane operator and the tree surgeon. The tree is dismantled section by section and the process is repeated until the tree has been removed.

Tree Felling “in One”

When there is open land and the tree is not in a confined area with obstacles nearby, tree felling “in one” is a common technique implemented. An area is designated for the specific tree to fall safely onto. If the tree happens to be perfectly balanced and there is no wind–then the tree surgeon undertakes a series of cuts. The cuts are done to the base, which case the entire tree to fall into the designated area. Once the tree is on the ground, the team is able to proceed with dismantling the tree and removing materials from the site.

Ropes – Felling

If the tree that is being performed on has an unbalanced canopy or there is too much wind–then a rope is installed on the tree. The tree surgeon is able to install the rope, or it can also be achieved by throwing a line from ground level. The throw line is utilized to install a pulling line, which is used to assist the tree into the open felling zone.

Tree surgeon winch deployment.

A winch would be added to the rope if there was a considerable issue such as, the tree being unbalanced. The winch will be able to ensure that the tree is directed into the felling zone.

Tree surgeon sectional Tree Felling – Sectional Dismantle

Trees that pose a potential threat must be removed. Sectional dismantling is a specialized and exacting process. This technique offers more control and is a more precise operation. Although, it does take more time to plan than other work plans. This technique is useful for minimal disturbances to areas nearby when performing tree surgery in confined spaces.

A qualified tree surgeon goes up into the tree using a rope and harness and dismantles the tree. The branches are and lowered down by in small sections using rigging equipment; which helps keep control of the majority of the material. This dismantling is done to trees that are located in confined areas such as, sheds, gardens, or overhanging buildings.

Sectional dismantling is normally the option for trees in confined spaces; this allows for hazards or nearby obstacles to be minimally disturbed. This technique is the safest tree removal process. It allows for removing the tree without high risks of damage or injury.

Sectional Felling Process:

tree surgeon accesses highest, safest point and installs climbing rope, bull line (pulley and lowering line), and rigging block.
A place to being dismantling is point is chosen–often the lowest branch.

Branches are all lowered and removed, with care and precision–until the side branches are all removed.
Then the climber being to start ‘topping down’ the stem in sections.

Challenges of Performing Tree Surgery in Confined Spaces

Since trees are living, they are vulnerable to death, disease, fungal infections, bacterial infections, and decay. Trees that are in close proximity are often growing near gardens, buildings, and other nearby areas that require minimal disturbance and qualified tree surgeons should perform this tree maintenance, in order to ensure safety. Specialized techniques are performed on trees that are in confined spaces and needing maintenance.

The challenges of performing tree surgery are identified in a tree survey. These challenges vary from tree to tree, due to the specific location of the tree. When the tree is determined to be in a confined space the technique, equipment, tools, time, and precision are all chosen to optimize the tree work and ensure safety and success.

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