This week at north cheshire forestry

This week at north cheshire forestry


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We have had a busy week here at NCF Providing our high quality tree surgeon service to various clients through out Manchester. We started the week in Cheadle where we cleared a garden of twelve small trees that were overgrown and simply to much for the modest garden they were situated in. the access to the garden was restricted which complicated matters further, we had to be very careful while removing these trees not to damage the garden or various other items as we removed the arisings form this job. Also while we were there we also removed the overhang from a large willow tree which had started to throw off branches into the neighbors garden. After we had made the willow safe we tidied up the garden, made sure the client was satisfied and moved on.

Our next job was a fairly straightforward 30% crown reduction of a cherry tree in Offerton . Again access to the tree was not ideal but in this case the tree was relatively small, meaning that careful removal was far less challenging then on the previous job we did this week. We followed this job up with the reduction of about 7 trees of various types overhanging a canal in gee cross, where safety for passing canal boats was of primary concern. Having completed our work in gee cross in good time we then traveled to Heaton Moore, where we removed a dead branch from an oak tree for an old customer. We then went back to gee cross to remove a hedgerow and two large conifers from a garden to improve lighting and space. The client’s were very pleased with the resulting view and increased space from our efforts. We then finished off the week by removing a problem ash tree blocking out light for a customer in Marple.

Also this week thieves broke into our yard looking to steal something, an unfortunate reality of the tree surgeon industry . Although they did not manage to steal anything the caused considerable damage, meaning we spent some of our week making repairs to the shutters on the main building to our yard. Thanks to all our customers this week we hope you are satisfied with the service that we have provided you. Next week we hope we will be providing quality tree surgery to people all over Manchester ,whether existing customers or new clients, that’s all from us for now see you next week.

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Our Testimonials

Alan Rogers   


I would just like to thank you and your team for a job well done.

The tree to be removed was in a difficult position

and can only say it was dealt with very professionally

Arthur Edmunds   

Dear Chris,
Thank you for the excellent job you and your team did yesterday.

I was really pleased that you managed to fell the sycamore tree without damaging any of my rhododendron or azalea bushes.

Thanks again,

Arthur Edmunds

Mr A Powell   

Very Efficient, Very fast, Clean and tidy finish.

Mr B J Mellor   

I would like to thankyou for the way you carried out the work and cleared away, very professional.

Mr & Mrs Burgess   

We are delighted with the results - it makes the garden so much lighter.

Marple Bridge Association   

Thankyou from everyone involved in the bridge in bloom campain, Your work was very much appreciated.

Mrs J Jones (Romiley Methodist Church)   

Thanks very much for your assistance for pruning and felling our trees at Romiley Methodist Church (Stockport).

Mr I.D.Millar   

A lovely piece of work and very efficiently performed.

Stuart Leather   

Thank you for an excellent job, reshaping and trimming our Cherry Blossom Tree.

Mr & Mrs Watts   

We are delighted with your teams work & more than happy to recommend you, Thankyou.

Mr I Bell   

I would like to congratulate you for the efficient work in felling my 200ft poplar tree.

Mrs Gibbons (MGD Domestic)   

You have done a great job, Would happily recommend you.

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