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Tree trimming or pruning of tree in graveyardWhen it comes to tree trimming or pruning North Cheshire Forestry have a wealth of experience with over thirty years in the industry. And that experience is vital because if it is done incorrectly the consequences for the tree both in terms of appearance and health can be devastating.

Simply removing branches in an arbitrary fashion can lead to a tree with an unbalanced appearance, an increase in deadwood from incorrect tree pruning procedures, and in severe cases on someĀ  larger trees incorrect tree trimming can lead to some tree instability and safety issues.


North Cheshire Forestry avoid these issues by following industry best practice for tree pruning or trimming. We make sure to take into account tree variety, time of year, natural tree shape, aesthetic considerations and much more. All our work is carried out to BS3996 standard for tree care, ensuring a safe and professional tree service is carried out on your trees.

Tree pruning Manchester considerations

When tree trimming or pruning keeping a natural shape is a primary concern. Trees are beautiful and deserve to be pruned in a way that preserve there natural shape and growing patterns.

If your looking for extra light in your garden for example a crown thin is often a much better option then removing the top. This preserves natural shape while allowing more light into your garden and reducing wind resistance as well.

Avoiding die back when tree pruning or trimming is important to the tree visually and also for tree health. There are safety concerns as well. Dead wood on larger trees can be a hazard in the form of falling timber. A gust of wind is all it takes sometimes for dead wood to come free from the tree and fall to the ground.

We avoid these sort of issues with correct pruning procedures to designated pruning points, making sure that the tree is able to continue to grow free from die back while maintaining natural shape.

Tree trimming Manchester quotes

If you are interested in having some tree pruning or trimming done then why not give us a call today. We would be more then happy to give you a free quote or tree advice to keep your trees in first class shape. Thanks for reading we hope to hear from you very soon.

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Our Testimonials

Alan Rogers   


I would just like to thank you and your team for a job well done.

The tree to be removed was in a difficult position

and can only say it was dealt with very professionally

Arthur Edmunds   

Dear Chris,
Thank you for the excellent job you and your team did yesterday.

I was really pleased that you managed to fell the sycamore tree without damaging any of my rhododendron or azalea bushes.

Thanks again,

Arthur Edmunds

Mr A Powell   

Very Efficient, Very fast, Clean and tidy finish.

Mr B J Mellor   

I would like to thankyou for the way you carried out the work and cleared away, very professional.

Mr & Mrs Burgess   

We are delighted with the results - it makes the garden so much lighter.

Marple Bridge Association   

Thankyou from everyone involved in the bridge in bloom campain, Your work was very much appreciated.

Mrs J Jones (Romiley Methodist Church)   

Thanks very much for your assistance for pruning and felling our trees at Romiley Methodist Church (Stockport).

Mr I.D.Millar   

A lovely piece of work and very efficiently performed.

Stuart Leather   

Thank you for an excellent job, reshaping and trimming our Cherry Blossom Tree.

Mr & Mrs Watts   

We are delighted with your teams work & more than happy to recommend you, Thankyou.

Mr I Bell   

I would like to congratulate you for the efficient work in felling my 200ft poplar tree.

Mrs Gibbons (MGD Domestic)   

You have done a great job, Would happily recommend you.

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