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Tree Pruning in Heaton Moor

Tree Pruning in Heaton Moor

North Cheshire Forestry were recently asked to perform a crown thin and crown lift on a mature beach tree in Heaton Moor. While it was a beautiful mature tree, the lower branches were starting to become a problem for both the customer and their neighbours. While consulting the client it was also decided that a crown thin to increase light and reduce wind resistance was a good course of action.

The tree was situated between the customers garden, their neighbours and also over the road. This made traffic control and public safety the first priority for our team. After setting up a safe work area we proceeded setting up and clearing the area beneath the tree of any breakables, then setting up the rope system we would be using for this tree.

When any tree surgeon works on a tree of this size good awareness and communication are vital in order to complete the work safely. All our staff are both trained and experienced in tree care in order to facilitate this.

This was a job where we employed ropes to remove most of the branches. Because of the busy road and members of the public nearby a controlled removal of the branches was the obvious best option. Anything lowered onto the road was done in combination with traffic control to prevent any mishaps. While the climber was setting up, the next lower branches were cut up, chipped and logs stacked, ready to be removed.

Once the tree was crown lifted we then moved on to the thinning of the tree. With a tree of this size a crown thin is a time consuming process, but well worth having done to increase light and increase stability via reduced wind resistance. Dead wood is of course removed as part of this process but in this case the tree was in fine condition with minimal dead wood present.


Once the crown thin was completed we removed any remaining branches, loaded the logs and cleaned the site. We then opened up access for the public beneath the tree. After checking with the customer that everything was to their liking we went to recycle the logs and chippings from the site.


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