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Tree Removal/Felling

Tree Removal Manchester & Tree Felling

North Cheshire Forestry provides a full professional tree removal service. Tree felling and Tree removal Manchester is among some of the most dangerous work around, so it is vital such work is undertaken by trained professional tree surgeons such as ourselves.

Our staff are fully qualified and come with a wealth of knowledge in tree removal, having over 30 years of experience between them.  View the Video below to see us removing a poplar tree in Hazel Grove.

As you can see from our video, there are many factors in the removal of trees from gardens. A straight tree fell is often not practicable in the modern day because of limited space or damage to gardens for example, so often a sectional fell as seen above is employed.

Our fully insured capable staff would be more than happy to remove your tree in a safe and speedy manner, leaving you with the garden you deserve.

Factors in the Cost of Tree Removal Manchester:

  • Number of trees or shrubs
  • Condition of tree
  • Exact location
  • Time required
  • Complexity of the job
  • Size of tree
  • Type of tree
  • Distance from road
  • Close proximity to obstacles/Access
  • Special equipment required
  • Number of workers needed
  • Complete removal of tree truck from site
  • Tree trunk cut into sectioned and left on site
  • Stump ground into sawdust
  • Felling the tree down to the stump
  • Removing the stump with a special machine

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There is no way to calculate the exact cost of a given tree service without requesting a quote from a tree removal company such as ourselves. All our quotes are free and conducted at a time to suit yourself, so feel free to give us a quick call and our friendly staff will be on hand to help with your enquiry.

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