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Removing a Tree in Marple

Removing a Tree in Marple

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We recently had a customer in Marple with a tree that in his front garden that had become a problem. The tree was situated at the front of his property and had reached the stage of being a nuisance for both himself and his neighbour. After an initial consultation it was decided that the best course was the complete removal of the tree to ground level, so a time to do the job was arranged.




When we arrived on the morning of the job we decided that a sectional fell was the best approach. We then made sure that the area around the tree was clear and people could see that tree work was in progress from from some distance away. We set up our equipment and the climber got into position to start the removal. The climber then began to dismantle the tree.







We began with the branches in order to both maximise efficiency and to provide protection for the ground as we progressed to the bigger parts of the tree.  One of our team was responsible for securing the site and making sure no member of the public approached the work area








Once the branches had been safely removed we began a safe sectional dismantle of the trunk of the tree. We began to remove any excess brush wood while leaving plenty of protection for the ground from the remaining logs.







The sectioning of the trunk went well and the tree was soon on the ground safely. We then chipped any remaining branches, loaded any unwanted logs and cleaned up the site. After checking everything was ok for the customer we then loaded up our equipment and got ready for the next job

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