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Tree Service PPE equipment

Tree Service PPE Equipment

  It is often a surprise to many customers the sheer amount of equipment used for our tree service. Thankfully gone are the days when a bloke would turn up in a rusty van with an old chainsaw and a pair of jeans, modern tree surgery has progressed significantly from there. This article listed some of the essential equipment used to carry out our tree surgeon service in a safe and effective manner for our clients.

Before a single leaf is removed from any tree, a tree surgeon should have the right personal protective equipment (ppe) in place. Starting from the top then we first have the helmet. This particular piece of ppe has many different purposes and is vital in keeping safe during the course of our tree work. The most common cause of fatality in forestry is falling timber, and the helmet helps to guard against this threat. limbs and pieces of dead wood are potentially lethal and a helmet can make a life saving difference in those type of situations.

The helmet also protects against hearing loss. Usage of chainsaws and wood chippers for extended periods can have a debilitating effect upon the hearing of tree surgeons and groundsmen, the ear defenders incorporated into the helmet prevent such occurrences. The visor on the chainsaw helps protect the eyes from debris that can occasionally fire out from the wood chipper or from wood being processed, making the helmet a multi functional piece of ppe.

Chainsaw proof jackets exist to help protect the upper body from potential injury, however they are considered to be unnecessary in most cases. The extra heat and restricted movement makes them unsuitable for all but novice chainsaw users and as such you would not expect to see professional tree surgeons using them.

Chainsaw gloves have two main purposes withing the tree surgeon industry. The first is to protect the back of the hand from potential chainsaw kickback and they also provide protection against vibration through the chainsaw. Chainsaws have improved a lot in terms of vibration output over the years but extra protection against them is always welcome.

Chainsaw Proof trousers are there to protect tree surgeons from cutting into there legs while operating a chainsaw. They are not able to stop the chain from cutting into the material, rather they are designed with a fibrous material inside them that is carried by the teeth of the blade to the chainsaw sprocket where it gets stuck. This causes the sprocket to and chain to stop spinning making the chainsaw safe. Once cut chainsaw trousers need to be discarded and replaced because of the now missing material.

Chainsaw boots are the last item on our list. They provide the standard protection of a safety boot(steel toecap and insole to prevent penetration of the soul of the foot by nails etc) and the same fibres to stop the chainsaw penetrating into the foot of the tree surgeon. They are rumoured to be less effective the chainsaw trousers, but are nonetheless a vital part of any tree surgeons safety footwear.